Super Candy Sushi Kit

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Tell the kids that you'll be eating shark, eel, and salmon sushi for dinner tonight... But, boy, Oh Boy, will they be happy to find out that it's gummies, wrapped in Rice Krispie Treats, wrapped in Fruit Roll-Ups. They will still get to use chopsticks and have a fortune cookie for dessert, though.

Have a blast and take a break from the kitchen with our Bestselling Candy Sushi Kit! A "sweet" 21st-century twist on the ancient Asian dish for this version, you'll need only a bowl and microwave to cook up this kid-friendly candy version of the beloved Sushi Rolls.

Whether you're serving sushi at a party or just want to do something different for the kids, our Candy Sushi Kit brings a heaping helping of crafty fun and stimulation to the table. Rice Krispies Treats form the outer layer and barrier for the sweet gummy center. Fruit Roll-Ups give that Sashimi vibe and provide the added perk of being gluten-free, so everyone can feel included with a snack. 3 essential ingredients packaged up in a colorful package, this candy sushi kit is SWIMMING fun!

So give the kiddos a fun and interactive experience that will have them thinking outside of the bento box. A wonderful gift, this is a truly unique kit that's fun and creative for all ages!

PS, you can still pretend it's real shark meat and electric eels.