Polar Bear Cocoa Bomb Kit

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Even Polar Bears like to take a warm dip every once in a while. This white chocolate-based cocoa bomb kit will help you make three large and delicious, creamy White Chocolate Cocoa Bombs. A fun way to stay warm on a chilly evening any time of year. This kit contains all the supplies you'll need to make three large cocoa bombs as well as a cute reusable silicone mold so you can recreate them again because we know you will think this box is ... the bomb.

Kiddos will have a blast drawing little noses on their polar bears with the included food-safe decorating marker, and our high quality (read - EASILY MELTABLE) choco-melts make this sometimes frustrating activity much more manageable. These delectable treats are indeed one-of-a-kind... we promise. Spread some smiles. Make someone feel good with a sweet little cocoa bomb treat from Mini Mitts