"Mini Mitts" started out as children's baking classes based out of our small family bakery, Mitten Raised. Our first location wasn't much - a converted and long since retired Domino's Pizza location in our hometown - but that didn't seem to bother the kids much. We saw how much joy learning to recreate some of their favorite treats brought them. Through Mini Mitts Kid Baking Kits we hope to bring those same good vibes to more kids in more kitchens beyond just our hometown.


Joe Lambert

Owner, Mini Mitts

We put our kits together with families in mind. We use bakery quality ingredients, pre-portioned to create engaging and stimulating recipes that kids love. Parchment paper to save your counters, disposable baking trays and cups, single serving food coloring and sprinkles, and step by step kits that take about an hour or less. Our goal is to make a family fun baking party as easy and accessible as possible so you can spend less time prepping and cleaning and more time making memories with the little people you love so much.


Over the years as our families have grown we have always appreciated the constant of gathering around the kitchen counter and enjoying quality time with those that we love most. Baking and enjoying sweet treats is a simple thing but it never feels old, out of trend, and in our opinion is a lot more fun than making slime... Our biggest headache when we wanted to have a "bake-party" was choosing between a crumby boring off the shelf box with flavorless ingredients and uninspiring themes or the inevitable trip to the store (which is not an easy task with small kiddos) and the 100's of dollars of of excess ingredients we use once that then sit on the pantry shelf forever.